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1. Noah slides 2. Nate glides 3. Ross burst  4. Nick Hulks it  5. Neal ole'  6. Matt seeks  
7. Patrick flyin'  8. Ecke at the point   9. Jason jammin'  10. Blue Jim lefty  11. Sarah trims  
12. Tyrone tail trail  13.  Luke leftie   14. Sam drops  15.  Nate grinding 
16.  Shadow Bob  17. Otis wide right  18. Chris sets up  19. Cole pocket
(images updated frequently)
    Week 1 The end of October was really small. Too small to shoot. So I posted shots of Noah and Nate from the end of last month to kick off week one of Nov. Conditions are clean and the water temp is starting to drop but still in the late 50s. Swell coming. Swell arrived--good news. Bad news--the bottom sand really needs to shift. There are far too many square sets coming through. Rain and a bigger swell will help.
    Week 2 started out with a big NW swell and fresh NNW winds. Bringing the water temp down and moving sand around. That's good. Bad; nothin g really to shoot. The weekend was big square and warbly with mostly unmakeable sections, and although it's been 'rideable' and there were a few takers, with surface conditions moderate, it's still funky. The mornings have been beautiful, clean and crisp. The late part of the week fall kicked in and the air temp dropped. Sets are lining up a little better, but much to improve upon. Winds have been blowing off and on and remain moderate. Some fun surf here and there. First rain showed up suddenly at the end of the second week.
    Week 3 started out with a bang. A decent NW swell and strong offshores. South winds are coming and the weather pattern is changing yet again. Water temp is 54ish and dropping fast. Did you find those holes in your wetsuit? Rained hard for a day with onshore flow. It turned back offshore two days later for some really fun head-high surf for most the week. Water conditions are clean, cold and crisp. Bring all the rubber you got. The week ended on a dud with crossed up small NW surf and flood tides
    Week 4 ... This is start of the holidays with Thanksgiving weekend upcoming. Let me guess. It's gonna get big. It got big. 13' at 15 for turkey day then dropped. And the water temp has dropped to 52ish. Still, there's some crisp and clean, offshore-fun surf around a flood tide.
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