Cron Surf Photo Art & Journal / Oct 2020 Report (tap image for gallery)

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3 Fog
















1. Nate goes Spiderman  2. Joey tucks   3. Fog   4. Noah drifts  5.  Nate rips  6. *MLC at Sewer Peak, Santa Cruz 1968  7. Jacob reaches out  8. Sean riffs  9. Jim likin' it  10. Noah chop  11. Dove whip  
12. Rex touch  13. Josh froth  14. Cody jams  15. Jason utube search  16. Phil easy  17. Neal reflects 
18. Seal watches the next gen
(photos updated frequently)
    Week 1 began on a positive note with a long period SW. Some decent corners rolled through the point for a couple of days. Water is still warm around 57. The fog has returned for the first week making it impossible to get a decent shot. So I snuck two photos in from the previous week. *And one of myself, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I'm riding a 9'-6'' Haut 'bump' with a single 'skeg' wearing an O'Neil front zip ?mm sleeveless vest (without beaver tail) and tennis shorts. That was a great nose-riding stick. Weighed a ton. No leash. Eat it; start swimming.
    Week 2 of Oct had some fun surf. Lots of cats getting their fill. Bottom sand is working sets mucho better with cleaner peaks. Water is still warm. Backwash here and there. Morning warble has shown up again.
    Week 3 started out great. Offshore winds with fun and clean 3-4' surf. Then the fog returned uncommonly. Still, light winds are offering some glassy, square surf. Water is beginning to drop, slight chill in the morning now; fall is beginning to show up for real
    Week 4 saw some fun, chest-high surf, with SW and NW midperiod pulses. The beach and bottom were setting things up nicely. The swell is dropping off but the winds and weather outlook are good.
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