Cronsurf / Nov 2021 (tap to view the gallery)

Noah maxihack

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I'm currently putting a surf art, poster show together for early 2022
the local place and time TBA
the shindig will be fun 
stay tuned

Mac point Easy Str.



Robbie fog bank

Cale taps

Chris drops

Aussie Drew

/ˈzämbē/ /fo͝ot/ adj.

Q. Ever stand up and your back foot is so far back
you can't move it because it's stuck?
Then when you try to drag it across the deck sideways,
serious board wobble ensues, then a full on swerve sets you off into
a reverse pronate kook-a-zoid fireball?
Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about

Zombie foot, brother, Zombie foot

images updated often
pearls of wisdom, not so much

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